Dear  Ladies and Gentleman:


        Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, the great American poet, once observed that: “The human voice is the organ of the soul.”


        Since the dawn of civilization, the human voice has been the mystical cornerstone upon which the entire process of interpersonal communication is built. All of human history is woven from a dense fabric of stories, first recorded and passed on orally and ultimately committed to the printed page.


        Even in our modern culture, so overwhelmed by visual technology, communication and media, it is still the human voice that perpetuates the tradition of storytelling and seals its place in our historical legacy. Today’s typically short-lived attention spans are the result of that overly visualized world, but it is still audio communication, not video, that directly stimulates the central part of the human brain, which is the pleasure center for emotion, creativity and voice recognition. Audio signals spark the creative and artistic part of the brain. The imagination becomes the canvas, the subject matter is the story, and the voice acts as the artist’s brush. Listening keeps one more focused, stimulated and connected for longer periods of time.


        The Voice Library is the world leader in audio recording, archiving and access for the purpose of building personal and family story libraries. We are honored to be working on the planning for an exciting, new pilot project called, The Military Families Story Project. We have named the programs Story Bunker for the families and Battle Buddies for the military men and women.


        A subscription to The Voice Library program allows military service personnel and their families to record and archive a private, secure, permanent library of personal stories and commentaries using a telephone or computer. These recordings can comfort, entertain, teach and inspire, while helping to maintain a highly personal connection with loved ones, friends, comrades-at arms and work colleagues. Both the service personnel and their families and friends can access and listen to the archived, confidential recordings using any telephone or online connection.



        The concept of this project with the U.S. military was originally inspired two years ago by a local resident whose husband was in the military, serving overseas.. She challenged us to offer The Voice Library as a gift to military men and women passing through Portsmouth International Airport. The local New Hampshire seacoast community sponsored subscriptions which were distributed by the “Pease Greeters” to servicemen and women leaving for Iraq and Afghanistan. It was a huge success, and the event was covered by Fox News (see link:



Based on the success at Portsmouth International Airport, we were invited to the Pentagon to meet with Colonel Christopher Philbrick, the U.S. Army’s Deputy Director of Health Promotion and Risk Reduction Task Force, for discussion of an expansion of the Pease program to other military installations nationally. As a result, The Voice Library was recommended to work with the Air National Guard to bring gift subscriptions to many more military personnel and their families in the other branches of service and in other parts of the country.



Our goal for the initial phase of this program is to provide as many as 200 Voice Library personal subscriptions for Military personnel and families here in New Hampshire. At a $50 cost for each 5-year subscription, our need is to secure a total of $10,000 in underwriting support for the this worthwhile, timeless and joyful project


        We are confident that corporate sponsorship of this initial phase of so worthwhile a project in support of our military forces will afford any local company a unique, philanthropic opportunity and highly positive, public exposure in the state and region.


        It is with that in mind, therefore, that we respectfully invite your company to serve as a sponsor of The Military Families Story Project at the Gold/$2,500 or Silver/$1,000 underwriting level. There also is an associate sponsorship opportunity at the $250 level. The enclosed material will provide you with background information and a summary of the benefits and details of all levels of underwriting sponsor-ship. Presentation of our sponsors will take place before the holiday season, at a special project roll-out ceremony at a local military facility..



        In the midst of major Pentagon budget cuts, your sponsorship will enable us to bring this special gift program to our local military families and to help expand it into a national model for all service branches throughout the country. Military service members and families from anywhere in the world, with any phone or online connection, will be able to securely create, capture, and access their family stories to comfort, entertain, teach and inspire listeners for generations to come. We hope to see your company’s name attached to this wonderful, creative initiative in support of our military.

        In the next week or two, I shall call you to follow-up on this letter and discuss The Military Families Story Project with you in more detail. In the meantime, do not hesitate to call me if you have questions or concerns not addressed here.


I look forward to speaking with you very soon. Many thanks for your consideration.


Al Brandano
Founder and President,

The Voice

603-365-0955 (direct cell)





P.S.:  Did you know that there is nearly 300 million people in the US. Yet just 1.4 million men and women are on active duty, plus there are nearly 1.2 million “citizen soldiers” from local communities, across the country serving in the nation’s National Guard and Reserve forces.. They are likely to be your family members, friends, neighbors and coworkers. For example, here in New Hampshire, it is estimated that the National Guard exerts a gross, economic impact of $220 million on our state’s economy. We are proud of our local military personnel. The Military Families Story Project will help to enhance the quality of life for all our military personnel, whether on or off duty. Please help us to show them how much we appreciate their families sacrifice and service!