Longfellow said it best.. “The human voice is the organ of the soul


We built our service to be the most trusted place to simply access and achieve for generations, your families Legacies and Gifts:,     The epic power of a voice and priceless treasure of a story to: Comfort – Entertain – Teach & Inspire your life and ones yet to come, anytime – anyplace- anywhere.


The Voice Library idea was born nearly four years ago when Margo was driving to attend a yearly event with her five sisters they coined “Sweet Sisters”, to honor the passing and memory of their parents. Margo called Al while driving and said, “I want to hear their stories and voices again – Right Now!.. I miss them so much”.


It has been amazing journey, truly inspired by your understanding – realization, genuine passion and nostalgic desire to return, to a more soulful and simpler time. Time and time again those who have joined TVL have become our most ardent advocates. Recently many have written me to highlight some of our recent successes.


The Pentagon: invited our team in Sept. 2010, to present The Voice Library service at a meeting, directed by Col. Christopher Philbrick USA, investigating how the simple power of a voice and the treasure of a story can help uplift the morale and strengthen emotional bonds of deployed troops and their families, near and far!


Tributes.com   The Voice Library (TVL) develops the technology for Tributes.com in early 2011 to now allow its customers to leave a audio testimonial by any phone anytime- anyplace! Loved ones now honored and remembered in the power of a voice an treasure of a story.


Community Voice Project launched first ever in 2011 for schools and libraries. First Library in the country to pioneer was the award winning Wiggen Memorial Library in Stratham NH, under the leadership of Mrs. Leslie Kimball.

Spring 2013 the Kensington Elementary school, Kensington NH. Is the first school in the country to include the Community Voice Project to capture a community’s historical record; for the school, and library to be part of a language arts development curriculum. Championed by teachers Mrs. Amy Danusis, Mrs. Haugh, and administrator Mrs. Ruggeri


ABC news 2012 – “Let Me Be Your Memory” Alzheimer's Awareness School based Program   view at : www.thevoicelibrary.net

Dr Daniel Potts of Cognitive Dynamics and LaVanda Wageheim of the Tuscaloosa Magnet Schools pioneer and innovate with TVL to bring a positive, productive, awareness model to include language arts based curriculum to middle schools and above.


Named as Home Instead Senior Care National Vendor 2013.

It all began in late 2011, when the TVL team was invited to work with Care Givers in a pilot program pioneered by Home Instead Senior Care franchisees of Seacoast and Central NH. These two truly compassionate owners Lisa Ganem and Lisa Byrne simply wanted to find a priceless and timeless gift to giveback to the families of the clients they took care, for generations to enjoy!


The Military Family Story Project

Family Support- Readiness Program – “ Story Bunker & Battle Buddies”

Based on our success in early 2010 at the Pentagon, and years of planning and review, we were awarded the opportunity to launch this pilot program to develop a rewarding family story project to be sponsored and supported by contributions of the local community. We hope to model this program for a national release in the future. If you are interested corporation or individual who wish to make a financial contribution, as a gift to purchase subscriptions – donated to Military Families, please contact me.


Author you own Audio Book:   Spring 2013

Authors, storytellers, poets, preachers, personal coaches, now have a innovative promotional tool that crosses all mediums and generations. Simply use the Voice Library to audio record your chapters, then advertise on the back of your business card, or promotional materials the LISTENER * info (ID – Password) to your subscription: They go to www.thevoicelibrary.net or

Call 1-866-343-2763 and Log in as LISTENER. They use your Listener ID and Password to listen anytime – anyplace!


BJ Wholesale Club – selected as preferred vendor showcasing us as your Legacy Family Gift and Care Giver Activity – Sept. 2013


Thank you again for your support and encouragement On Behalf of all of us at your Voice Library Team                          :                                       

Al Brandano                                                                 

President  603-365-0955 cell